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A guide to Kombucha and its benefits

17 Jun 2022, 03:24 GMT+10

Kombucha tea is a fermented beverage created with sugar, tea, bacteria, and yeast. Even though it is frequently known as kombucha mushroom tea, kombucha is a colony of yeast and bacteria rather than a fungus. Kombucha tea combines the settlement with sugars and tea fermenting the mixture. Kimchi, kefir, kombucha, and other fermented dairy products have traditionally been staples of western diets worldwide but are currently dominating the traditional fermented movement in the West.

Manufactures mix SCOBY, also known as the Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, with tea and sugar before fermenting for a few days. The microbes and fungus in the SCOBY "consume" the sugar in the tea during this period, providing taste, acidity, and fizz. Kombucha tea supporters believe it helps prevent and control significant health disorders ranging from high blood pressure to cancer. According to limited research, kombucha tea may provide advantages similar to probiotic pills, such as fostering a healthy immune system and avoiding constipation.


Kombucha's essential constituents are fungus, sugar, and black tea. The mixture is kept aside for at least a week. Throughout that time, microorganisms and acids, and a trace of alcohol, develop in the drink. Fermentation is when cabbage turns into sauerkraut or kimchi, or milk ferments into yogurt.

The microorganisms and acids combine to produce a film on the surface of the mixture known as a SCOBY. You can brew kombucha using a SCOBY. Lactate bacteria, which are significant in kombucha, can operate as probiotics. Kombucha also contains a beneficial amount of B vitamins.

White sugar

Some kombucha might contain white sugar that pushes it to the edge of the vegan line. The addition of bone char in the refining process gives white sugar its distinct hue. Although you do not ingest bone char, it is an animal-derived substance utilized in the process, making some white sugars non-vegan.


Honey is occasionally added in the second fermentation to make the kombucha delicious and bubbly, and its presence would rule out kombucha for several vegans. Although most shop kombucha brands will indicate honey on the container if used, seek "sweeteners" and check their website and find out what these sugar substitutes are.


Vitamin B12, a vitamin needed to maintain healthy neurons, cells, and DNA, is nearly entirely present in animal products. It makes it especially difficult for vegans who do not eat meat products to acquire enough. One 8-oz glass of tea can provide up to 8870 percent of the recommended daily Vitamin B12 requirements, making it an excellent alternative for vegans. There is also no need to worry about overloading B vitamins because they are water-soluble, and any excess quantities would flow straight through you.


It is said to aid digestion, clear the body of toxins, and increase vitality. It is also supposed to strengthen your immune system, aid in weight loss, protect against cardiovascular disease and stroke, and fight cancer. However, there isn't much data to back up these statements. The SCOBY permeates kombucha with yeast and beneficial bacteria, resulting in fermentation and the drink's characteristic tartness, rawness, and probiotic smash.

You can also obtain green tea advantages when you add it as an ingredient to kombucha. It comprises bioactive chemicals that function as antioxidants, such as polyphenols. Antioxidants shield your cells from harm. Green tea may also aid in weight loss and protect against heart disease. Animal studies demonstrate that the drink reduces lipids and blood glucose levels.

With many such health benefits of kombucha, you can easily make it at home and enjoy that extra dose of health! Expert's advocate using glassware, stainless steel, or plastic when making kombucha at home. Keep everything clean, including your hands and the equipment.

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