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Hot Water System Maintenance Tips for your Sydney Home

30 May 2022, 21:24 GMT+10

Water is necessary to sustain life, but sometimes it can be a source of frustration and difficulty. One example of this is when you face a problem with your Hot Water Systems, which could make day-to-day living quite difficult.

Nothing can match a hot shower after a long tiring day, and we can imagine the frustration if there's no hot water coming from the shower. Unfortunately, water heater problems are quite common in Sydney, and it can be expensive to install a new heater. On average, a gas water heater can last from 8 to 12 years, and an electric heater can last about 12 to 15 years.

Here are some hot water system maintenance tips that can prolong your water heater life.

#1: Regular Inspection of Water Heater Systems

Pick a date in the month for a routine inspection. For instance, you can pick the 1st of every month. Now, check your hot water systems from top to bottom on every first date each month.

Look for cracks, wearing or water leakage. It only takes 5 minutes, but it can save you from spending money on ex[ensive Hot Water Service and lets you deal with small problems before they get worse.

#2: Keep the Water Heater Off when not in use for a long time

When you're going on vacation for a week or more, there can be many things to worry about. However, if you know in advance that you won't need hot water during your vacation, don't worry.

If not, we suggest turning off your hot water as doing so will extend the life of your system by years and save energy costs as well!

#3: Perform relief valve inspection

To ensure that your tank's Relief Valve is working properly, you should check it at least six times a year. It might seem like a lot of work, and some may argue it takes time away from other, more pressing tasks.

But the fact of the matter is that this is an important procedure to regularly complete to make sure nothing bad happens with your swimming pool.

#4: Avoid gardening near water heaters systems

Every year a lot of people struggle with water heater system problems that are related to weather. You may think that it's perfectly fine to place your system in a grassy area or simply next to your house and won't ever cause any problems at all, but you can be sure that serious consequences could come with it.

For example, if you don't pay proper attention to the water heater while mowing the lawn or doing other kinds of gardening, the whipper snippers could damage piping and even blow out your system's water heater system sensors. To ensure this never occurs, we suggest placing the system away from any nearby hazards as much as possible.

#5: Get Timely Hot Water Service from Professionals

In order to avoid problems and expensive repairs, you should not wait until a water heater problem arises. Instead, you should contact a local Hot Water Service in Sydney, preferably a top rated one and get your water heater system serviced at least once every year.

If you're not sure about hiring a hot water service provider, call the Sydney Hot Water Systems based in Sydney using 1300 096 668.

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