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The Character and Mindset of a Champion Business Owner

13 May 2022, 18:24 GMT+10

Building a business from scratch requires vision, purpose, and a proper mindset. In today's ultra-competitive business world entrepreneurs face many challenges from raising capital, building great products and services, creating effective marketing strategies, and managing growth. A common attribute among many successful entrepreneurs is the ability to develop a champion mindset that helps them to embrace challenges and failures as opportunities so they can achieve the goals they have set for themselves and their businesses. One such example is Ron Williams, a real-life champion entrepreneur who has achieved great success by developing the character and mindset of a champion.

Ron Williams is a 21-time World Champion Natural Bodybuilder and the winner of more than 250 titles. Prior to establishing himself as one of the most decorated natural bodybuilders in the world, Ron suffered abuse, neglect, and abandonment as a child. But he did not allow the negative experiences to control the direction of his life. Williams took those experiences as life lessons and built himself from them. Everything that he went through strengthened him mentally and spiritually so much so that he was able to overcome his past and transform his pain into success.

A Painful Beginning

Ron Williams was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and at the age of three, was dropped off at a babysitter's home and was abandoned. As a child, being separated from his family was not only the scariest thing, but it began to form a belief system that he was not worth anything and that he was completely unlovable. During the formative years from 3 to 12, he was shuffled from home to home and family to family, where he was physically and sexually abused. Ron spent his childhood trying to survive. By the age of thirteen, he had such a deep hatred for himself and humanity that he became suicidal. During this time sports became Ron's family, and the only thing that he had that was worth living for.

Those formative years of being shuffled around, abandoned, and rejected left a deep hole in Ron's life that kept him from seeing who he was meant to be. He viewed life through the pain and the tragedy rather than the possibilities.

Rising from the Ashes

Bodybuilding was the silver lining for Ron Williams. His quest was to become the best Natural Bodybuilder in the world, he felt that if he became a Champion in the sport, the emptiness and pain he felt inside would finally be filled, and he would be happy. But in 1988 when he won his first Mr. Natural Universe, it was one of the worst days of his life. He knew then that the emptiness that he felt would not be filled by winning a championship, and this is what started his journey that led him to God. This took him on a path to healing and developing a process of overcoming the hurts and pains that controlled his life. Ron knew that it was not enough to be a Champion in Natural Bodybuilding, but he desired to be a Champion in all areas of his life, including faith, family, fitness, and finances.

Ron Williams applied the same principles of excellence, discipline, overcoming, and integrity to become a successful business leader. Today, Ron Williams has transformed himself into an entrepreneur, inventor, life coach, author, and pastor. He owns 'Ron Williams Champions Life, Inc' and 'Ron Williams Fitness, LLC.' Although he started at extreme scarcity, he was able to use the process he created to develop a Champion Mindset and build a health and fitness empire.

Ron Williams Champions Life, LLC is the umbrella company that deals with online programs, books, and supplements. It also manages the various speaking events that help people transform their lives and change their perspectives. Ron Williams Fitness, LLC deals with the development, manufacturing, and distribution of fitness equipment. The Iron Chest Master is a patented piece of equipment developed by Ron Williams that is designed to maximize development of the upper body while protecting the joints. In Mid-2022, Ron will be releasing a new patented piece of equipment called the Total Body Bar. The business that is closest to Ron's heart is Ron Williams Ministries, LLC. This is where Ron shares his ministry messages, teachings, and books.

Williams today is a known fitness figure and has been inducted into the International Natural Bodybuilders Hall of Fame. He won many titles through the INBA, NGA, AAU, and WNBF over his long career.

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