Sat, 03 Jun 2023

The COVID pandemic has spotlighted the need for extensive highly specialized advanced technology. Developers are wasting no time working on projects and products to help. High-performance nonwoven medical air filtration supplies are at the top of the list as being some of the most in-demand products on the market.

What are High-Performance Nonwoven Medical Air Filtration Products?

Nonwoven medical air filtration involves materials that are bonded together mechanically, chemically, or thermally versus being woven together. Advantages of nonwoven structures include better performance and in the medical industry, less contamination which is extremely important for instruments and equipment used in filtering the air where germs tend to lurk.

Nonwovens are nothing new. They have been rapidly advancing in fields such as media, automotive, wastewater filtration, and HVAC. Although nonwovens have also been utilized within the medical industry in the past for projects such as COVID Capture for PPE, current demands have led to an influx in development and production of products that are based on the technology.

The Growing Industry of Nonwoven Filtration

According to Market Watch, the Global Nonwoven Filtration market is expected to rise considerably between 2022 and 2028. More strategies are anticipated to be adopted by key players within the industry, resulting in a projected explosive growth, due in part to the pandemic.

New Platform Technology

Along with the growth of the industry, Nonwovens Innovation and Research Institute (NIRI) has developed and launched a new platform technology to embrace and enhance perfecting the performance of a broad range of nonwoven products. The technology is so advanced, it's suitable for multiple high-performance applications.

The new technology is conducive for dealing with situations such as COVID because compounds, molecules, and particles can be selectively filtered from liquid and gas environments. The nonwoven filter fabric can be customized to suit the application at hand such as fulfillment of requirements presented by each individual product.

NIRI, a global leader in nonwoven engineering and product development, recently presented their next generation expertise and pilot-scale processing capability in filtration platform technology at their exhibit in Cologne, Germany. NIR has successfully completed over 500 innovative projects for more than 200 companies.

COVID poses a huge risk in areas of hospitals, especially where PPE is removed. NIRI's advanced technology is strategically designed to capture and immobilize COVID-19 so it prevents cross contamination and cross infection in products such as PPE and HVAC filters. The result of the success of the project endeavor is that COVID-Capture PPE clinical trial evaluation is now being streamlined.

The Future of Nonwoven Air Filtration

The pandemic clearly created a whole new market for advanced technology such as nonwoven air filtration. As strides are being made, such as the recent breakthrough by NIRI, doors will be flying open for even more innovative products to be developed and produced.

From new and improved state-of-the-art doctor equipment and modified medical tools to COVID-resistant PPE, pandemic operational readiness is closer than ever. Since the technological advancements reach further than just for COVID, other branches of medicine are reaping the rewards as well, such as helping cancer and transplant patients. If it is possible for a blessing to come out of the COVID curse, the fact that medical technology is advancing so quickly may very well be it.

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