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It's already known to the business owners nowadays what importance their logo has for their company. This is the reason why new-age companies have started utilizing more resources, brainstorming ideas, and trying to create something different and intriguing when it comes to logos. For a long time logos were never thought of as an important part of marketing and the brand. But now things have changed, people are living a more hectic life. And you now have a few glances or seconds to catch the attention of people. That's all you have! And this is the reason people choose to spend more time creating logos. This has given rise to multiple things, right from custom logo design online to creating vintage logos that were once outdated.

And now in this article, we are going to discuss the combination logos. What they are and how they can help a brand. Are they really useful or it's just another hyped term? We will be discussing everything in this blog. So, give it a quick read and maybe your decision to get or not get a combination logo might just get a bit twisted from here.

What is a combination logo?

A lot of business owners struggle in obtaining an ideal logo for their business. With such a competitive world and hundreds of small and big scale businesses already doing similar work as yours; it can become difficult to figure out the elements of a logo. But no one can deny that logos are of utmost importance and people should not be neglecting that at all. There are different logo designs and creators differentiate logos on two major parameters or under 2 categories: the first is the icon-based or image-based logos and the second is the name-based logos.

Then comes the third which is a combination logo. Here are a few things that can help in differentiation.

  • Firstly, the combination logo has two prevailing elements which are text and icon.
  • Where text becomes the category of the logo, icons are an illustrative unit.
  • In the text part, business owners prefer writing the name of their brand or the initials, whereas in icons there is a huge range. One can put anything between objects, graffiti, and shapes. That will depend on the creator's and business owner's choices.

Whenever a brand combines these two elements in its logo it is known as a combination logo. Now, with this explanation, you will be able to differentiate and categorize the logos of the brands around you. And to a surprise, you will see how popular combination logos are.

What are the different ways by which you can combine these two elements in your logo?

Knowing about the combination logo is one thing but how to use them is another and more important thing. One has to understand that these two elements can be placed and used in multiple ways and all of them being different from each other. Here are a few categories and examples for them:

  • Horizontal combination logo

As the name is self-explanatory; the horizontal alignment is the way of creating a logo in which both the elements are side by side. They form a horizontal line and are placed next to each other. This is one type of special arrangement of logos. The best way to create such a combination is to relate the size of the text to the icon. And that's important because there should be a balance between them. You will have to equally weigh both these elements because both have their equal value in making a logo complete. This looks very interesting if you want a good-looking YouTube logo design.

Examples of horizontal combination logos: Microsoft, Freelancer, Bumble, and City Pantry

  • Stacked combination logo

The next type of combination logo that you will see too often is called the stacked combination logo. In this, both the elements are kept one above the other. Either the icon would be up or the text but it would be a vertical arrangement to be precise. In such an arrangement you will get a clearer picture and the logo takes lesser space. Many experts also believe that this is one of the best placements of your logo elements. You can also see multiple automotive logos of this kind too.

Examples of Stacked combination logos: John Deer, Converse, and Satorisan

  • Integrated combination logo

Now the third type is the Integrated combination logo where you get to see the text inside the icon or the image or vice-versa. This is one of the most complicated types of logo designing and it needs a lot of precision to be done. A few food and transportation logos of companies are built on this type of combination.

Examples of Integrated combination logos: Bolden, Tivo, Dear Me Podcast, Burger King, and Mc Donalds

Benefits of having combination logos

  • It looks clean and neat when you put it up for branding. People can understand and remember your logo even after having a single glance. And that's the only time you have to catch the attention.
  • The logo helps in creating better visibility and people can consume more information which means the details of the logo in a better way.
  • Understanding the logo becomes easier because you have two types of elements complementing each other. And that is one of the best ways of presenting your logo to your clients, consumers, or customers.
  • It looks highly creative, especially the third type. The creator has to put in a lot of effort and creativity to excel in making that logo.
  • These logos compliment your business because they have the modern sense and a lot of creative knowledge backing them.


We believe the above-given information is good enough to make you understand the need and importance of having a combination of logos. You can determine the best types of logos from the categories given above for your brand. So, decide on the best logo types and then see how it helps in improving your business.

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