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In this changing world, the healthcare scenario is changing rapidly, and so are the costs. Healthcare insurance is compulsory for everyone in Switzerland. Switzerland's healthcare system is one of the most refined in Europe with its high service quality and technology facilities. The question that arises is it affordable?

Health insurance premiums are often pricey and are increasing every year in Switzerland. We have collected everything you need to know to reduce your premiums. Here is an extensive guide on health insurance comparison in Switzerland. You can compare your health insurance online through this Italian website.

What Do I Need To Know Before Starting?

You need to have your basic health insurance and standard health insurance ( not mandatory ) from a provider of your choice. All the providers offer identical basic health insurance, also known as SHI. Even though all the providers offer the same basic health insurance, premium costs may vary from individual to individual depending upon several factors such as age, medical history, financial status, etc.

There are many different insurance models in Switzerland for you to choose from. The models include- Telmed model, HMO model.

How Can You Save on Your Basic Health Insurance?

You can save on your basic health insurance by separating it from your additional top-up insurance. The premium rates can vary significantly between different providers, so it is worthwhile to compare different providers and choose your insurance. An individual can save as much as CHF 500 per year, while a family can save up to CHF 2000 per year. So make sure you research thoroughly before picking up your insurance.

Do Different Models Differ in Costs?

Yes, all models differ in cost, with Telmed being the cheapest while Standard being the most expensive. Along with the costs all the models have different features. For example, choose the HMO ( health maintenance organization)model. You will pay lower premiums than people who opted for other models when visiting doctors or clinics under the HMO network. You should make a note if the model works throughout Switzerland or only in your region.

What Are Deductibles And How Can They Help Me?

Deductibles are a set sum you have to pay before the provider starts paying. Deductibles have a direct impact on your premium. The higher the deductible, the lower the premium and visa versa.

You can choose a higher deductible if you rarely visit a doctor and can afford a higher sum in case of an emergency. If not, vice then it is advised to opt for lower deductibles.

Can I get Discounts on My Health Insurance?

It is common to pay a monthly premium for your health insurance, but if you can, then paying in advance might help you get a discount. You can talk to your provider to check if you get a discount on paying annually or semi-annually.

Can I Get a Reduction On My Basic Health Insurance?

In Switzerland, different age groups are defined by the law. If you fall in the category of children ( up to 18 years), young adults ( up to 25 years), or elderly ( from 60 years and above), you are eligible for a reduction. Your local Cantonal authorities will determine if you are eligible for a reduction or not. Your taxable income also plays a role in the reduction. If your taxable income is low, you are eligible for a subsidized premium cost.

What Else Can I do?

If you don't choose health insurance within three months of your arrival in Switzerland, the government chooses one for you. This chosen insurance can have premiums as much as 25 % higher than normal. It is always better to find insurance that suits your needs a financial structure. Therefore, be early and smart while choosing your health insurance.

Another critical point is that you don't have to choose your basic health insurance and top-up health insurance from the same provider. Your provider may have low premiums for top-up insurance but a higher premium for your SHI; you can choose your SHI from a different provider in that case.

If you work in the Swiss military or civil service sector for more than 60 days, then you do not need to pay your basic health insurance premium and can put them on hold. You will be covered by military health insurance for that period.

We hope we have made your health insurance comparison in Switzerland easier and more efficient. It is advised to research your preferred health insurance and choose what is best for you based on your needs. Always remember that being expensive does not mean being the best. We hope you find the health insurance of your choice without money holding you back from what you need.

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