Thu, 15 Apr 2021

What are some of the reasons to get commercial solar?

05 Apr 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

As time goes on, utility companies consistently increase the price of electricity that their customers pay. So, electricity bills can increase every year. While some companies are concerned about their increasing power bills, many are not taking any action to reduce them. One of the best solutions to reduce your company's electricity bill is to use commercial solar panels. Solar can be a great way for businesses to ensure they can accurately forecast their electricity costs in the future. Additionally, with options like a Power Purchase Agreement, businesses can lock in an electric rate that is lower than their utility's rate at no extra cost. There is also a case for businesses to own their solar systems, with powerful state and federal incentives available for those who purchase or finance their solar systems.

When considering using commercial solar, there are a few things that people often have questions about. A commercial solar system can last for around twenty to twenty-five years. If you purchase your solar system, depending on what state you are in, in less than a decade your system will have paid for itself and you can reduce your electricity bill to almost $0 for the next 15+ years. Alternatively, if you go with a solar power purchase agreement, you can start saving on your electric bills immediately. In this case, the developer owns the solar system and sells the electricity back to you at a rate lower than what your utility company charges. Because of this, you are not directly receiving the state and federal incentives available, but rather these savings are passed on to you in the form of a lower electric bill.

Where to get the best commercial solar panels?

In the United States, there are many commercial solar installers across the nation. It can be hard to choose which company is best for your business, especially if you are unfamiliar with the renewable energy industry. When making a big decision for your business, it is always best to consult all of your options, and solar is no different. However, keeping up with all of the different installers out there, the terms they are offering, and the details of the specific contracts you are given can be a pain. To help solve those issues and ensure you are receiving the best solar quote possible, NRG Market has developed a transparent, simple, and efficient process for commercial property owners. NRG Market is an online marketplace where property owners can list their properties, and receive quotes from different solar developers in one easy-to-monitor location. Their summary information sheet helps pull the most important information from developers' proposals and puts it into a format that is easy to view and easy to compare.

If you are interested in commercial solar, you should explore the different types of solar installations. Whether you are interested in owning your system outright, or simply reducing your electric bill at no extra cost, there is a solar solution for your business.

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