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Hiring an English Tutor Online

04 Apr 2021, 22:24 GMT+10

Why Learn English Online?

Learning English through an English Tutor Online makes tackling these issues that will be highlighted in the next paragraph much more manageable. You can learn from the ease of your home at the convenience of your free time. Each lesson can be adjusted to your learning pace, allowing you to take as much time as required before you are ready to step to the next level.

As lives get busier and you grow older, it gets more and more challenging to make time for learning and picking up a new language. As you age, it progressively gets more challenging learning a new language without losing parts of the language you use.

History of English Language

English as a language begins its roots as a West Germanic language. It was most widely and first spoken in England. Famous poets and writers like Sheikh Spear contributed to its popularity in the early ages, later through the colonization of various countries around the world, the language spread.

Today English is the world's most spoken language in terms of non-native speakers and is the third most spoken language by native speakers. According to Wikipedia, it can be seen that English is now the official language or one of the few official languages of approximately 60 countries. English is also one of the six official languages adopted in the United Nations. English is most famously known for its two variants, namely British English and American English. However, it is also spoken in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and Ireland, amongst others.

Why Should I learn English?

If you are someone residing in a country where English was not widely spoken, and now you want to live abroad, preferably in an English speaking country, you will need to know English to qualify for immigration. Some might want a career change, but what's stopping them could be the English barrier, which can be easily overcome. Other times you might want to study abroad and need proof of proficiency. This requires you to give English tests that you will not clear without taking English lessons.

Why Choose Preply?

Preply is a one-stop online teaching and learning platform for individuals who are eager to master various languages. We have a great selection of tutors to choose from with varying rates. All our languages are taught by native speakers whose qualifications are strictly moderated before applying for the position. Learning through a native speaker gives you a better immersive experience where you are strictly communicated in the language you want to learn.

Each tutor has a brief description of their profile, explaining their career timeline and their expertise level. All teachers provide one-on-one classes where you can receive undivided attention for your time, helping you excel faster. So what are you waiting for? Try Preply!

What is the Cost of Hiring an Online Tutor?

The cost varies from tutor to tutor and platform to platform. Our tutors are free to charge whatever they find appropriate to their level of teaching experience and expertise; however, the average rate is $17 per hour. You will also find tutors who charge you less than this and others who might charge you more. The varying price range is ideal for students who live on a budget as you can hire a tutor for whatever is within your ease.

How Do I Pick the Right Tutor?

Knowing what you are looking for in a tutor is the best way of choosing the right tutor. If you prefer a native speaker, you should only look for native English speakers. There are other criteria that you may also want to keep in mind when choosing a tutor, which include

  1. What is your purpose for learning English? If you are learning English to study abroad, which the English proficiency exam are you hoping to give? (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.)
  2. What variant of English language are you hoping to learn (British or American)
  3. The budget you are willing to expend.
  4. The time you can dedicate to learning.

What is the English Language level of Difficulty?

English is a relatively easier language to pick up on and does not require as much time to become proficient. On average, it is estimated it can take 600 hours to hold grammatically correct conversations. Understanding English is a lot easier than most languages.

Online Learning Fit to your Routine

With online learning, you have the ability to insert English classes into your schedule wherever you have free time. This does not force you to make time for something you do not have the time for otherwise. Online learning sessions are held through online platforms via Skype or Google Teams.

Online learning is flexible enough to let you cancel or reschedule your classes to your needs. Although the conventional mode of education has a sense of familiarity attached to it, you'll realize the level of convenience in learning online is far greater than in-person classes once you take online courses.

Learning English for Yourself

Undoubtedly, most content you come across on the internet is mostly available only in English. You might want to enjoy your favorite song and understand each lyric without having to use a translator who does not convey the meaning as it should. Watching movies with subtitles while munching on your favorite snacks is hard; your attention cannot be equally divided into two places.

Gaming online and communicating in forums without offending anyone these days is hard. If you are not proficient in English, online gaming platforms are a great way to make friends; hence knowing English can help you overcome these minor issues.

Online English Learning for Students

Online tutoring classes can be used by students from all disciplines and all education levels. Some might benefit from online learning by getting additional help with their school work, enhancing speaking, reading, and writing ability. Others might take advantage of online education by preparing for an English proficiency test to study abroad. Specialized classes for IELTS, TOEFL, SATs, ACT, and GRE are also given to students.

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